• Es war ein ständiges Warten und Suchen,
  • im wirren Spiel der Eiszeit.
  • Dort, wo der Wegweiser Seelenblut weinte,
  • versank die Stille -
  • im letzten Traum...

The first dawn:
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The beginning

Law of the Dawn was founded in Bonn in 1989 by keyboarders Marcus C. and Andrew Thomas E., 15 respectively 17 years old at that time. In the course of several sessions, seven tapes were recorded using a simple four-track multitracker. Stilistically, the music can be described as being somewhere between Darkwave and harsh Electro.Slowly, the actual Law of the Dawn sound emerged from the different music tastes of the two band members.

Marcus C. was contributing to the rough electronic side, while Andrew E. was responsible for the calm, melancholic sounds.

The debut album

In 1995, the demo tape “Different Faces”, a mix of material from the years 1990 to 1994, found its way to the “Discordia” label.This demo became the debut CD “Stories about shadows and lights” that was released the same year. Primarily produced by Andrew E. – Markus C., now guest musician due to his departure from the band, and Lisa G., a pianist,each contributed one track to the album.

Crying with your tears

In 2005, after some years of silence, a new mini-album called “Crying with your tears” was released. This work was once again produced single-handedly by Andrew E.

The second release

The second album “Dämmerung der kalten Schatten” released in 1997, and was composed and produced by Andrew E. single-handedly.

Rare Tracks & Remix Collection

The digital album “Rare Tracks & Remix Collection #1” was released in 2013.


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