Stories about shadows and lights

Stories about shadows and lights

Album description

Stories about shadows and lights Law of the Dawn’s debut album. The complete album is digitally available as free download.

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Album info

Stories about shadows and lights
Releasedate:  August 1995
Label: Discordia
Format: CD/Digital album
Tracks: 14
Duration: 01:02:19
Available: Free Download

  • No Solution -
  • I got fear -
  • Melancholy -
  • Für Julia -
  • Lonely Life -
  • Die Erinnerung -
  • Interlude -
  • Der Geruch des Blutes -
  • Der Traum -
  • The law of the dawn -
  • Ophelia -
  • The land between shadows and lights -
  • Where never shines the sun -
  • Ein Zusammenhang -
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